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My Legendary Home Town Tyulgan

Воронина Екатерина Вячеславовна,
учитель английского языка Шестопалова Вера Евгеньевна
7 а класс МБОУ «Тюльганская средняя общеобразовательная школа №1»

Hi everyone!
I am 14. I go to the Tyulgan secondary comprehensive school and am a seventh former. My class is friendly. My hobbies are dancing, English, listening to music. I like to take part in various competitions in English. My English teacher Vera Evgenyevna usually helps me. I’d like to tell all competitors “Good luck!”.
Best wishes,

“There are a lot of cities, crowded and fine! But the town I like best is, no doubt, mine!”
These words I’d like to devote to my native place. It is a small town, a district centre named Tyulgan. It is situated 130 kilometers to the northeast of the regional centre Orenburg or at latitude 52°20’ North and at longitude 56°10’ East. Its population is about 10,000 people. The name Tyulgan comes from the Bashkir word which means «a black kite». The popular legend says the Bashkir tribes roamed from place to place here long ago. One day they watched a lot of big, strong birds in the sky. People were afraid and cried “Tyulyugan, tyulyugan” - “ Kite, kite!”. That’s why the Tyulgan coat of arms includes the kite. It is holding the rock in its feet. The rock reminds of the brown coal by its colour because Tyulgan was founded by miners in 1953. They built a coal-mine here, which is still working. According to the local legend Tyulgan lies at the bottom of the former sea that is rich in brown coal.
Tyulgan people like sport. Our fabulous lapta players, figure skaters, jumpers on the trampoline are well-known all over Russia. There is a big beautiful park with a monument in its centre. This monument was put up in honour of the warriors who had died in the last ditch during the Great Patriotic War. Four of our countrymen became the Heroes of the Soviet Union. They are legendary heroes to us. Our nature is wonderful. In summer our forests are full of berries, mushrooms, herbs. My townsmen are open and friendly. People of different confessions (orthodox believers, Muslims, Catholics, etc.) and nationalities (Russians, Bashkirs, Tatars, Ukrainians, etc.) live in peace here. Nowadays it’s great. I’m proud of Tyulgan!

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