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Adamovka, Orenburg region “Our Souvenir”

Елохина Татьяна Дмитриевна
МБОУ СОШ №2 п. Адамовка, Оренбургской области
Ученица 9 «А»
Учитель Федосеенко Ирина Викторовна

There is a saying « When a man is dancing he is a little above the Earth ». I think it is very true. I have been dancing since I was 6. First it was at the musical school where I studied dancing and choreography. After graduating from it I was taken to the Souvenir. What is the Souvenir? It is a dancing group which appeared in our settlement in 1989. Its first and the only teacher is Marina Nurgaliyeva. When she organized her group she did not think about any success. She was happy to dance and to teach boys and girls. Now Marina works with the sixth group. Five generations of the dancers have already graduated from the Souvenir. But they don’t forget it, come, dance and bring their sisters, brothers, relatives to the group.
Our dancing group is very popular. Our performance is in every concert. The spectators not only in our settlement but in the whole district know our dances and dancers and love them. Besides, the Souvenir participated in different competitions in Orsk and in Orenburg and sometimes it was the best. Dancing is always very beautiful. Before you are at the stage you are very excited and sometimes even frightened… But as far as music begins sounding a great desire comes to you…The desire to dance and to show the audience what you can. And it is a real happiness. You forget about long trainings, about your hard work, your tears…You see only the spectators who are also happy to meet you.
What is a Souvenir? Of course, it is a surprise, a wonder, and probably, a holiday… So our group is. It gives a holiday to all people who watch it. And it is always a surprise…

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