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Mtsensk, Oryol region

Давыдова Марина, Дмитриева Ирина, Зимина Анастасия,
Кудашкина Кристина, Луничкина Татьяна, Максимкин Михаил,
Малич Владислав, Мартынова Яна, Рытикова Елена
– учащиеся 11 «А» класса МБОУ - Лицей №5 города Мценска
Орловской области
учитель английского языка – Зимина Татьяна Александровна

What do you imagine when you think of Mtsensk Oryol region? So many men, so many assosiations. Some of you imagine I.S. Turgenev, a great Russian writer who lived and worked in Spasskoye-Lutovinovo, a village 12 km far from Mtsensk. Some others immediately pronounce «Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk Uyezd» of N.S. Leskov who described Mtsensk inhabitants of the 19-th century. For us Mtsensk is the dearest place in the world, it’s our small Motherland.
Mtsensk was founded in 1146 as a fortress. Nowadays on the hill Samorod there is a monument to the defenders of Mtsensk of the 12-th century. The emblem of Mtsensk is an eagle on the fortress wall and four sheaves of wheat (1781, Frantsisk Santy, Yekaterina II). Our ancient town of Mtsensk stands on the river Zusha. It cuts our town off into two parts: old and modern. The Zusha is lovely for swimming, boating and fishing. It flows into the river Oka, then into the Volga, after that into the Caspian Sea. The number of hills that Mtsensk lies on is seven (like great cities of Moscow and Rome).
Mtsensk has a rich literary, cultural and patriotic history. Mtsensk land is rich in its famous people. For example, poets A.A. Fet and Ye.A. Blaginina, a composer V.S. Kalinnikov, a mathematician A.P. Kiselev, writers I.S. Turgenev and I.A. Novikov, a sculptor B.I. Orlovsky and some others. In Mtsensk there are eight schools, a lyceum and a gymnasium. Our lyceum №5 was founded in 1973.
Mtsensk is an industrial town. You can see the orange lorries of Mtsensk Municipal Engineering CO not only in the villagies and cities of our country but abroad as well. There are JSC «Mtsensk Foundry» (moldings of cast iron, non-ferrous metals and alloys; production of technological accessories); JSC «Mtsenskmebel» (household cabinet furniture), JSC «Mezhgosmetiz-Mtsensk» (copper-plated welding wire) and some others. Mtsensk has an excellent situation (49 km far from Oryol, the region centre; surrounded by fertile fields and picturesque forests). If you go to our railway station and buy a ticket to Moscow it’ll take you four hours to get the capital of our Motherland. The distance between Moscow and Mtsensk is about 330 km. Our ancient railway station is an architectural monument and one of the sightseeings of Mtsensk.
We have been living here for 17 years and but soon it will be time when we leave our native town for other cities where we will continue our educaion. We know for sure that we will never forget our Mtsensk and will always be proud to be born here. For us Mtsensk is the best town in the world. It is worth visiting and admiring.

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