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“From Penza”

Вяльдина Елена Валерьевна.
Работаю в МБОУ СОШ с. Бессоновка,
учитель иностранного языка

“There may not be good riddance?
And there’s a lack of sunny days,-
Go, and you will see many wondrous things…...”

M. Dolgorukov

When somebody asks you “Where are you from?”, and you reply “From Penza” you may see a puzzled look on the man’s face.The Penza region seems to be lost among the numerous larger neighboring regions and that’s why is considered to be quite provincial. Let alone the origin of the name which in the Mordovian language means “the end of the way”. In Penza there are many places of daily recreation. Among them there is a circus and a variety of cafes and cinemas.
In our city's many attractions and we are proud of them.However, I think, you know that there are a lot of people live in this city. They are sociable and talented. They like to sing and dance. If you drop in at the Cultural Centre in Zarechny or the Centre of Culture named after Dzerzhinsky in Penza at the weekend you’re sure to see young couples dressed up to the nines “floating” on the parquet floor. The sight is really spectacular. These young people are for the most part members of some sport-dancing clubs. In Zarechny, for example, there are the SDC “ Visteria” and “ Zvezdopad». More and more young people nowadays take up dancing in our city and win prizes. The most famous are Plechanov and Andrianova, Vechkasov and Sorokina. Nowadays. A lot of teens attend dance schools and make progress. Thus the couple Pautov and Maxomova won the contest “Fireworks 2003” that was held in Zarechny. There are many names we can be proud of. At the end, I’ d like to say that it’s impossible to give a detailed account of all the places of interest in the Penza region. It attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world and everybody finds something to their liking.

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