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Penza, interesting places

Виктория Александровна Абрикосова, 10 класс
МБОУ Лицей №55
Учитель английского языка - Зверева Вера Ивановна.

My name is Viktoria and I live in Penza, a relatively small city with a population of 500,000. Penza is my home, my parents were born here, I was born here. I love the quite life of my city with its un-crowded streets and squares. Here you do not feel the pressure and life style of a big city; it is much more relaxed and peaceful.
Industry doesn’t destroy the originality of Penza. Penza is a modern city, but still manages to contain the spirit and character of the past. Walking across Penza you`ll see historic and ancient buildings, many churches, such as Pokrovsky and Uspensky Cathedrals and the Troitsky Monastery. The residents of Penza are very proud of the Folk Crafts` Museum, where traditional crafts are not only remembered, but are kept alive, here everyone can learn about the history and culture of the city and the surrounding region. The Association of the Penza State Museums includes Belinsky Manor, Tarkhany, museums of Radishchev and Kuprin. In the Penza Art Gallery there are many great works of art from Western Europe, Russia and pictures of the artists form Penza.
In Penza there are many places for leisure activities such as: theaters, cinemas, libraries, and a circus, one of the oldest in Russia. On holidays there are many concerts and fairs, to entertain and unite the people with common interests.
My favorite place of Penza is Olympic Avenue where fans of active life usually gather. It is situated near Belinski Park, which is about 200 years old. Penza is the one of the purest and greenest cities in Russia. In the spring and autumn many young trees are planted here, in the avenues and parkways. I am proud of my city. Penza is in my heart. I will very much regret if at sometime in the future I have to leave it … If this happens, I will bring it with me.

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