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Виолетта Дмитриевна Мукосеева, 10 класс
МБОУ Лицей №55
Учитель английского языка - Зверева Вера Ивановна.

Last year whilst visiting a friend in England, I was listening to a sports report on the radio, I was shocked to hear the announcer proclaim the 2012 World Cup for Rhythmic Gymnastics’ would take place in Russia, in the city of Penza . When I heard it, a smile of pride appeared on my face. Today many sporting events take place in Penza. For example, at recently built Dizel Arena people can go skating or watch hockey matches. Penza boasts several new swimming pools; one of which is outdoors, so you can swim under the opened sky, sun and clouds or at night beneath the stars. It is only in recent years Penza has truly started to develop sport and its sporting facilities, however the impact on the city and its population is significant. More and more people, young and old are taking part in sporting activities such as gymnastics, swimming, diving, karate, judo and many other kinds of sport.
Culture in Penza is developing too. It is presented by such museums as “The Local Museum”, “The Museum of Folk Art”, “The Meyerkhold’s House-Museum”, the Savitski Picture Gallery, “The Museum of One Picture” and the gorgeous Drama theatre. Moreover, the greatest poet and writer of his time Lermontov spent his childhood and was buried in Tarkhani, near Penza.
Next year the city will celebrate its 350th anniversary. Penza was founded in 1663 to protect south-west border of Russia from nomads. In the last 350 years Penza has changed, become bigger and more developed. Today Penza is a town with the high levels of the industry, a center of chemical and textile manufacturing and mechanical engineering.
I keep in regular touch with Carol in England, using Skype. She likes my stories about Penza and I invited her to visit me in summer. I am sure we will have a great time together.

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