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Care about the Past Creates Future

МБОУ №65 (II корпус) г. Пенза
Потапова Л.С., учитель английского языка высшей категории
Петрушкова Т., ученица 8г класса
Сорокин М., ученик 7в класса

Penza is one of the provincial towns of Russia. It’s not one of the biggest, but modern and business-like one. The new building of one of the oldest drama theaters in Russia, high-class sport-centers, the Museum of One Picture, unique in the world, give the citizens the perfect opportunity to be proud of their town. But they love Penza not only because of it. “Penza is my inspiration”. Lots of people can go along with these words. But not so many towns can be proud of such names as Lermontov and Belinsky, Klyuchevcky and Meyerhold, Zagoskin, Saltykov-Schedrin, Kuprin.
The year 2013 is the 350th birthday of Penza. The sculptural monument “The Pioneer Citizen” is devoted to the memory of the founders and first citizens of this town. It is a common tradition in Penza to be proud and to take care about the memory of its history and prominent fellow countrymen. In 1892 a bronze bust of Lermontov was situated in Penza. It was the second monument of the poet in Russia. In 1994 the bust of the hero of Patriotic war in 1812 of Denis Davidov was installed to the 200th anniversary of his birthday. The uniqueness of this monument is that the poet is depicted not as usually in military uniform but in civil costume.
The memorial house of Meierhold’s family became the first memorial of the worldwide theater personality not only in Russia, but also abroad. In 1999 the first monument in memory of Vsevolod Meierhold in the world was opened on the territory of the museum. Recently “Madam with dog” appeared on Volodarskaya Street. This new monument became the favourite immediately. In 2011 the first in Russia and the second in the world monument Tree-traffic lights appeared in Penza. It joyfully welcomes the visitors of our town as it is set near the station.

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