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Наумова Екатерина, 10 «Б» класс
МОУ СОШ №8, г. Каменка Пензенская область
Учитель: Наумова Ирина Викторовна

I live in Kamenka Penza region. It’s a small town but every year many tourists come here to visit an interesting museum. It is in Kuvaka, a village 3 kilometres to the east of Kamenka.
300 years ago on a hill near the spring in the village of Kuvaka there stood a wooden house. There was an icon inside. In front of it there was an icon lamp and a small mug for charity. All year round a strong stream of water was flowing from under a stony ground. People from many countries came to pray in front of the icon and enjoy Kuvaka healing water. The village was founded by two brothers A. and I. Golovin between 1721 and 1745. In 1795 Prince N.Golitsin owned Kuvaka and at the end of the 19 century Vladimir Voeikov inherited the village.
In 1913 Vladimir Voeikov and a German mining engineer Dreyera made a tunnel in the mountain. The waters of 17 springs were flowing there and rose outside. Near the mountain they built “Kuvaka” factory. In 1914 “Kuvaka” mineral water got a big gold medal at the International exhibition.
This water was sold at all railway stations of the Russian Empire, in the best shops in the cities of our country and even in Paris. “Kuvaka” factory produced 100,000 bottles of water every year. The bottles were very original and elegant. Voeikov sent “Kuvaka” water to the Tsar. Nicolai II built a summer residence for his children in Penza region. Next year the factory will celebrate the 100th anniversary. We invite everybody to visit our unique museum of water.

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