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Maximka’s offspring

Неволина Кристина Алексеевна
ГБОУ СПО ПО Пензенский лесной колледж
Работа посвящена нашему Максимкину роднику

Everything in this world is simple but perfect. Everyday our villagers come to Maximka’s offspring. Many of them drive up to the place in their posh cars. They fill their jerry cans with fresh water and take it to their homes. I live in a house with all modern conveniences, including running tap water. But can it be compared with life giving and sparkling water of the offspring? Of course, Maximka’s offspring is not only a place that supplies you with pure, fresh water. I personally enjoy walking in the surroundings, breathing gulps of fresh air and plunging into a different world.
Today nobody knows exactly why this offspring was named after Maxim, who and what that man was: a real person or a hero from a legend. But there is a version which goes that Maxim was a real man, who built a small table and benches around the offspring. He was a kind and hard-working man. People loved him and called him in a tender way – Maximka.
It has already become a tradition for newlyweds to come to Maximka’s offspring after they officially registered their marriage. They believe that their love will be as eternal and pure as the water of the offspring and as water of the offspring overcomes all obstacles on its way, so “the two loving hearts” will find a solution to every trouble in their joint life. It makes me really sorry and upset when I come to Maximka’s offspring and see a lot of rubbish, paper and plastic bottles around it.
I wish the present and future generations would treat the nature carefully and take care of their dearest places that are little parts of our Motherland.

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