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Perm Krai, Ilinski District, the village of Filatovo

Kondryakov Artyom, the 5th class
student from Filatovskaya secondary school.

My mother Kondryakova Tatyana Anatolyevna is a teacher of English. She wants me to know English well. And I like this subject.

My native village is called Fiatovo. The history of the village started in 1782. At that time it was called Galanina. In 1843 the Iohan Church was built and from that time the village has become the name Filatovo. I like my little motherland because it is very beautiful in any season. Filatovo is surrounded by green forests, fields and vast meadows. People have everything for their life here: a school, a kindergarten, the club of culture, a post office, a bank. The history of the village is closely connected with the names of two famous people. The hero of the Sovjet Union Ivan Uljanovich Butyrin was born in the country of Zarubyata which is situated not far from Filatovo. Then he studied in Filatovskaya school. And I am proud of this fact. The other famous person is а scientist zoo technician A. P. Nikolski. Our village has a lot of traditions. In summer people celebrate the day of the village, in winter we have a New Year and Christmas concerts. In spring native people have a lot of fun celebrating Maslenitsa. Tourists come to visit our village every year. Nice, sociable, creative and hardworking people live in Filatovo. Welcome to my village!

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