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Michael Yashmanov-Kamsky

Пермский край, п. Ильинский
МБОУ «Ильинская средняя общеобразовательная школа № 1»
Ученик 7 «В» класса Дудин Евгений
Учитель Малищук Юлия Владимировна

A humorist Dmitri Yashmanov lived in a small country Ust-Kemol. His wife Vasilisa Stepanovna sang Russian folk songs. On October 21, 1921 a son named Michael was born in their family. His childhood was not easy. His father was seriously ill and died soon. From early childhood Michael helped his mother around the house. As a child he was interested in musical instruments. When he was eight he learned to play harmonica. In summer evenings young people from nearby villages gathered together and sang songs, danced. Michael visited all these gatherings, and he was considered to be the most popular person in the village. He was invited to play at wedding parties, family celebrations and festivities. He wrote down the words of folk songs and then composed music to them. After seven classes he entered the Music School and finished it successfully.
During the World War II he was bounded, burnt. But even during this difficult period Michael did not part with his harmonica. He tried to raise the spirit of his comrades. He was bounded, burnt. When he returned after the war, he led the country club. In 1947 he began to work as a teacher of music at school. His lessons were held with great interest. He played the accordion. He knew a lot of songs which he rehearsed with children. Thanks to Michael Kamsky song firmly established in the lives of his pupils. Working in the district House of Culture Mikhail was a choir accompanist. He helped to prepare people for the district and regional festivals. And these people always won prizes in these festivals. Love for the motherland and devotion to his people, gave him strength to become a talented person of Kama.

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