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Пермский край, п. Ильинский
МБОУ «Ильинская Средняя Общеобразовательная Школа № 1»
Ученица 5 «В» класса Гилева Анна
Учитель Малищук Юлия Владимировна

Our school was opened in 1794. First only 50 pupils attended the school. They studied Religion, Arithmetic, History. There were 4 teachers there. Later new light and spacious buildings, houses for teachers, hostels for pupils have been built. In 1913-1914 the building of National school (now a red building of school) was constructed. And in 1914 the building for eight-year elementary education was constructed. On the first floor the boys studied and on the second floor there were classes for girls (this is a white building of school). In 1915 the school was transformed into higher initial school. In 20-30 struggle against illiteracy was organized. In 1936 the first pupils of secondary education graduated from the school. In 1940s pupils collected warm clothes for soldiers, organized fund for raising money for plane «The Young Patriot ». In 1942 hospital № 515 was placed at school. Pupils helped adults to look after wounded soldiers At the end of 60s the group "Search" was organized at school. It was headed by Gnevasheva Vera Dmitrievna. In 70s children participated in the operation « One million for native land » and « Live, the book! » In 80s Timur movement was organized. Pupils helped to old people, veterans of war. Later the group "Friendship" was organized. The leader of the group was the teacher of music Krasilnikov Anatoli Georgievich. Now traditional holiday of Crop, the militarized games "Summer lightning" and "Eaglet" are held at school. In 2004 our school was reorganized into « Municipal Ilyinski Comprehensive School № 1». In 2012 825 children visit our school and 61 teacher work here.

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