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Шестакова Марина Владимировна
Школа: МАОУ «Ординская средняя общеобразовательная школа»
село Орда Ординского района Пермского края
Класс: 8 «б»
Учитель: Панькова Надежда Николаевна

My name is Marina. I am 15. I live in Perm Region. My hobby is painting. I like to draw different landscapes and still life pictures. My favourite subjects are Art, Literature and English.Here I’d like to tell about my village – Orda. My village was founded 402 years ago near Kungur. It has a rich history. It is famous for its beautiful nature, forests and an underwater cave . The Orda Cave is situated on the left bank of the Kungur River, inside the Kazakovskaya Mountain. It was begun to study in 1990. Only 4600 m is investigated yet. They say that this cave an unique underwater cave that has a constant temperature inside. Many world-famous divers visit it. As I have said our land is rich in beautiful nature and natural resources such as oil and deposits of selenite stones. Our masters make unforgettable selenite souvenirs. There is a museum in our village. Everyone can visit it and enjoy different exhibitions about nature, animals and traditions. Our church is our pride. It was built in 1898 and is the highest building in our village. We have a modern sport complex with some gyms for table-tennis, basketball and volleyball, boxing and fitness. As a result we can participate in different sport competitions. Every city, town or village has some parks, shops and markets. Our village is not an exception. My school was built in 1989. It is a beautiful building in the centre of the village. Every summer our guests can enjoy car races “The Ordinski Ukhab”. Besides we have two plants that produce cheese and cottage cheese and bread, a music school and 4 kindergartens. I like my village very much.

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