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Боргун Мария Михайловна
Место учебы: МАОУ СОШ №61 10-а класс
Учитель: Сосновская Татьяна Михайловна

Hello!My name is Mary.I was born in Perm.Perm is located on the both banks of the river Kama.Its founder was Vasily Tatischev.Perm is 289.There are many sights in it.The centre of Perm is Nulevoi Kilometr-column,the starting point of counting the distance from Perm to any corner of Russia.This red building is connected with one of the legends.In 1840 the house had been built for Elisey Chadin.He was an old,rich and mise man.The building was too expensive for him.On the cemetery he saw the iron headstones overgrown with grass.He decided to make the stove in his house using these headstones.The stove in the house was made of these headstones.Chadin invited many prominent people of the city on birthday.The birthday cake was given to the guests,covered with the shawl.When the shawl was taken off, the guests could see the shapes of the skull and crossbones of the dead man on the cake.Guests left the house,and owner died because of experiences.Later the “bad” house was destroyed.In 1887 at this place woman gymnasium was built and called in honor of empress Maria Alexandrova.Now it is Perm State Agricultural Academy named after academician Pryanishnikov.One of the jokes about Russians is:"Permyak - the salty ears".It is very popular in Russia.Many years ago the barges had been loaded with the sacks of salt more than 60kg by the workers.Salt corroded the skin of the ears and they became red.People can see a bear “walking” in the main street of our city.You can rub his nose–following the new Perm sign,it means your wish will come true.These are only some facts from the history of our city.We can be proud of Perm as one of the best cities of the Ural.

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