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Kavalerovo, geographical facts

Drobinko Dmitry, Grade 6
Secondary School # 3, Kavalerovo, Primorsky Krai
Teacher: Lukashevich Olga Leonidovna

The coast of the Japan Sea. I live in the east of Primorye. It is on the other part of the continent from the capital of Russia. My native town Kavalerovo is not far from the Japan Sea. Every summer my family and I like to rest at the seaside but only in August as in June and July the water is still very cold. There are several beautiful bays along the coast: Vladimir, Saint Olga and Zerkalnaya (Mirror). These are very picturesque places here. The Bay Zerkalnaya has got a long sandy beach.
The wind often blows south-east and it raises big waves. A lot of children like to dive into the waves. The Sikhote-Alin Mountains stretch along the shore of Primorsky Kray. Mountains are covered with the forest; its height is about 800 meters. The forest is quite unusual. Different trees grow in it: spruce and oak, Manchurian walnut and Amur vine, strong and high Korean Pine with delicious nuts in big cones. Near the sea you can meet Japanese Rose. The flowers bloom in May and in August they have got big red berries. You can put them into the cup of tea and enjoy wonderful aroma.
In Primorsky Kray there are a lot of beautiful butterflies. The most beautiful is Papilio machaon. My friends and I never catch them, we only watch and admire.
At the seaside there are a lot of things to do. You can go to the forest to pick up mushrooms, walk around, watch underwater world, make sandy castles, look for shells and mussels and interesting stones, play with a ball, go by boat or scooter. And you can walk to a lighthouse. My Grandpa likes fishing. He takes a boat, rods and goes to the sea. In the evening we cook fish soup and potatoes on the fire, talk and enjoy the sunset.
Come to our place in August on holiday and you can see a wonderful view of the sea.

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