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Shkotovo: geography and wildlife

Tonya Bondarchuk - 4 form
Dina A. Maksimova - teacher
Shkotovo, Secondary School

The Russian Federation is the biggest country in the world. Its territory is 17075 sq km. There is a very beautiful redgeon at the very edge of Russia. Its name is Prumorsky Krai (known as Primorye). The territory Primorye is 165900 sq km. I was born here, in the little town called Shkotovo. Its population is 5302 people. I like living here because the nature is very beautiful and wildlife is diverse and unique.
The character nature of Primorsky Kray is determined by diverse landscapes combining low hills (Sihotealin), valleys and meadows and of course the woods (“tayga”). There are representatives of bouth Southern and Northern species among the plants. Among the Nothern species I know moss and lichen, as well as conifers for example cedar, pine-tree and Scotch Fir. There are lotuses, water lilies, kishmish, and grape among the Southern species. The same variety is typical for animals and birds. We have a lot of animals and birds, some of them are rare. The Ussiry tiger, Far Eastern leopard, and mandarina duck are among them. I like wild animals.
There is a place were we can see wild animals near our village. This place is called “Safari Park”. I have been here four times and really lliked the place. I have seen a lot of animals and birds there. They are hairs and rabbits, a squirrel, several deers, read wilves and wild cats; there also were some birds.They are a green-peak ,a magpie, an eagle and a peacock. But most of all I like a wild bore. His name is Manunya. He is very cute and funny, but at the same time he is gluttonous and ill-mannered. But a bore is a bore. And we are the people, we should take care of wild animals and protect them.
And we are the people, we should take care of wild animals and protect them. We should also love and respect our home. Because each person has only one birthplace and only one motherland.

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