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Shkotovo: History and Present Day

Grigoriy Mironenko - 10 form
Dina A. Maksimova - teacher
Shkotovo, Secondary School

Everyone has a place dear for him or her. Personally for me this is my little village – Shkotovo. Living here gives me a lot of time to admire the nature and to get to know some facts about the history as well. The village is situated on the picturesque valley every place of which has its own history.
River Shkotovka (originally “Tsimuhe”) which runs across the village is a kind of historical place. In 1865 the first settlers arrived at the mouth of the river. At that time the valley was inhabited by Koreans and other local tribes. The Russian settlers built their houses near the river, but the place was flooded the very next year and they had to built new ones at the foot of the nearby hill. Now the river is a good place for rest and relaxation in summer. You can go on picnic; you can swim and splash around in the water, sunbathe or just walk and admire the nature. In winter when the river is covered with a thick layer of ice, it turns into a fishing spot where a lot of fish men gather. It is interesting that when the first settlers arrived they also noticed the abundance of fish. That’s how history and present day reality are interwoven.
The village is situated near the seashore. The bay is called Muravyinaya. They say that the name originates from the fact that it is very shallow and even for an ant to walk there. The view of the sea opens from the window of my apartment. The road to the sea shore runs through a shady forest where numerous birds sing loudly. Sand on the shore is golden and the water is crystal-clear. Our bay is also interesting because of the remains on the pier. In the beginning of the last century it was built by the local merchant Paskeev who had business contacts with Japan. It is also noticeable that the administration of the village is placed in the house built by him in 1905. And that’s again a vivid connection between the history and modern life. I like this place and will always held memories of it in my heart. Beautiful nature and special atmosphere not only make it unique, but also make me admire it and think about myself as a part of nature and history at the same time… make me think about my own nature.

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