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Кирьянова Елизавета Юрьевна
МОУ СОШ №23 «с углубленным изучением английского языка»
Ученица 11 «Б» класса
Преподаватель: Ситник В. И.

I live in Pskov. I was born here. And I love this town very much. It is a beautiful ancient town well-known for his history. Pskov, although a small city, has a rich cultural heritage, which is evident from the vast number of ancient monuments and merchant’s chambers, monasteries, churches and forts around Pskov.
I like all places in town, but my favorite place is Kuopio park. This park was laid in honor of the 25th twining of Pskov with Finish city – Kuopio. It is a very quiet and comfortable place, away from the road. There are a lot of trees, fresh air. That`s why a lot of young parents go for a walk with their children there. And all the road are paved. It`s very good for rollerblading, bicycle.
And in the park there is a tower. Tower Gremyachaya is one of the most beautiful tower of medieval Pskov. A lot of local legends are connected with it. The legends speak about an enchanted queen who languished in captivity, about innumerable treasure and about evil spirits...
One of legend that in the coffin lay a young princess. She was cursen by her mother. She lies motionless, with open eyes and a bright blush. She lie in the gold coffin and all filled barrels of gold. She lies and waiting her prince who remove her charms. For this he need to read Psalter 12 day and night without any rest. Only then evil spirits will go away and the young man this his young wife will live happily.
I love my city. And I proud of living in this ancient city, with his interesting story.

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