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Митикова Ольга Николаевна
Печорская гимназия
История города и главной достопримечательности
Псково-Печерского Свято-Успенского монастыря.

I would like to tell you about Pechory, the town I’ve lived all my life. Pechory is a beautiful, but very small town. It is situated on a very border of Estonia. Pechory is the old and exceptionally green town. It is because of the fact that the town was built in forest. Pechory is very colourful and beautiful in late spring and early autumn. It looks like outstanding atmospheric painting. The air in Pechory is like in a forest after rain. Pechory is famous for Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery. The town was founded as a posad near the monastery. There are so many legends about this place. One of them is about angels’ singing. When hunters from Izborsk, father and son Selishi, went to the bank of a stream Kamenetz, they heard a soft quiet singing out of the ground.
They decided it was angels singing, and spread the news throughout the district. One day when owner of this lands cut trees, one of them fell down and opened the Caves. There were praying hermits, which seeking solitude, came to live in the caves. Their singing Selishi took over as an angels’ one. More than five centuries have passed, and the monastery has seen both glory and tragedy, but the holy lampadas have never gone out, nor prayer ceased in this blessed place.
When I was younger, I thought that living in this place was very boring and monotonous, but now I’m very happy that I live here. It is because now I can see how beautiful, engaging and particular my town is. Of course, Pechory is not as majestic and grandiose as St. Petersburg and it is not as romantic and has no stunning architecture as Paris for example. You can’t see the glory of Pechory from the first glance, you just should inhale more deeply and take a closer look, and then you will definitely fall in love with this small but amazingly especial town.

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