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Welcome to my town Tuimazy

Кувшинова Богдана Сергеевна, ученица 10 а класса
МБОУ СОШ № 8 г. Туймазы Республики Башкортостан
Руководитель: учитель английского языка
Лукманова Альфина Фануровна

99 years ago when the Earth was clean and fresh, when there were no cars and roads, the man`s foot first stepped on the Tuimazy land. They were workers. They built a railroad to the capital city of Bashkiria-Ufa. Since that time has appeared the new part of economic world of Bashkortostan-Tuimazy station. Every day and every night this small town was developing and one day it became a real town. We have a really beautiful suburb. In the summer you can swim in the lakes or river and have fun with your friends. Moreover, we have Bugulma-Belebeevsky Hills and they are really huge. There is a forest in our town where you can ski in winter and in autumn you can go for mushrooms. On the other hand, we have places for people who lead active lifestyle such as nightclubs, cafes, amusement parks. In the summer teenagers and children have fun in attraction park.
But there is one more favourite place to youth - Eternal Flame. In the evenings people usually sit around the fire and sing, talk. There are some boys skating, riding bicycles or rollerblading.
Tuimazy has its own culture. For example, House of Gulture “Rodina”. There we have a Dance Ensemble «Safar». This group is famous for their different folk dances around the world. Furthermore, we have «Palace of Children and Youth Art» where children can develop their aptitude. Tuimazy is a petroleum-pipeline junction. Industry is represented by a gas refinery; a carbon black plant; plants that manufacture machinery for the chemical industry, geophysical equipment and instruments, medical glass, wall materials and reinforced-concrete products; the Bashkir Cloth Combine; a meat-packing plant; a butter factory; and a paper mill.
All things considered I want to say that Tuimazy is the best town on the earth. Come and see all wonders of Tuimazy.

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