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The village where I live

Вардикян Андраник Гарегинович

Вардикян Андраник Гарегинович
9в класс МОБУ СОШ №1 села Бижбуляк
Учитель английского языка:
Петрова Людмила Георгиевна

Любимые предметы в школе английский, физика и химия. Занимаюсь хоккеем и футболом.

My native village is situated in the Bizhbulyak Region. It is four hours ride from Ufa. This city is the capital of Bashkortostan. Some people can’t imagine their lives without theatres, multistoried houses and broad avenues all that’s typical of every big industrial city. There are no theatres, multistoried houses and broad avenues in my village, but still I do like it because I was born here, my parents live here and I’ve spent here almost all my life. You may think that the life in my village is rather dull and far from being interesting. Perhaps, you are right. But I’ll try to prove that this life has got quite a lot of advantages. Every morning you get up and breathe in fresh air full of various scents which depend on a season: in summer it is a smell of fresh grass and flowers, in winter it is a smell of frost and snow which covers everything with its white thick duvet.
My native village becomes especially beautiful in early spring when everything is in blossom. Those who want to have some entertainment can go to the Palace of Culture. Those who prefer dancing may go to a disco. It’s rather popular with young people especially teenagers. It’s a pity we have no concert-halls or theatres but you may go to the cinema and watch film there and you may go to the historical museum. There you will be told the history of Bizhbulyak. We have lot of opportunities to go in for sports because there is a big stadium in my village. Every year a lot of competitons are held in Bizhbulyak. As for me I go in for hockey with pleasure. It needs mobility, liveness and much energy. It keeps a person in a good form. I quite forgot to tell you that there are some good cafes in my village you can call at any of them. Bashkortostan is a multicultural republic. There are many various festivals and holidays. Some of them are specific to this or that nation. I would like to tell you about a very popular, amusing and loved by everybody Bashkir holiday Sabantuy.
It is perhaps the most popular festival. It is a celebration of the plough ( in bashkir language “saban” means “plough” and “tuy” means “festival”).Sabantuy doesn’t have a set date. It takes place at the beginning of summer, after the first haymaking. Initially the festivals are arranged in villages followed by Sabantuy in rural districts, and the final ones taking place in major cities. A lot of competitions are held during this holiday. Most of all like the competitions, such as horse racing, race-in-sack, pillar-climbing, egg-in-spoon-mouth-racing, sacks-battle on the crossbar, pots crashing, finding a coin in a beverage made from sour milk. You can choose any competition you like.
The Bashkir wrestling is the main competition of Sabantuy. Wrestlers use towels and the arm to knock down the opponent. In our village all boys take part in this competition to find out their power. The winner become the hero of Sabantuy. The main prize is a ram. Baskortostan is a multicultural republic.There are many various festivals and holidays in it. Some of them are specific to this or that nation. I like my native village very much. I want it always to be beautiful and clean. I’ll do everything for my village.

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