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Bakhtybaevo. The history of my native village.

Изибаева Ксения Сергеевна

Изибаева Ксения Сергеевна
МБОУ СОШ учреждение села Бахтыбаево Бирского района РБ
Мне 13 лет, учусь в 7 классе, английский изучаю с 5 класса.
Учитель английского языка Ишмаева Юлия Георгиевна.

Bakhtybaevo is one of the oldest villages in Bashkortostan. Last year in 2011 it has celebrated its 275th anniversary. It is situated 127 km from Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan and not far from the Belaya River. That is why it is green and ecologically clean. The local old residents says that the settlement’s name comes from a call of its inhabitant. The legend says that Bakhtybaevo was founded by Pektyby in 1735-1736 which appeared there in search of the free ground. It was a long and wide meadow on the place where he built his house. Then he brought there his brothers with their families. They used wood to built houses and they were occupied with agriculture. In Mari language the long and wide meadow is translated as “kuzhu nur”. There you can see oaks and willows kept as witnesses of those times. They say that probably they were left as sacred places for prayers. In the centre of the village near the school there is the oldest oak. This oak is protected and also noted in the book “Nature sanctuaries of Bashkortostan”. For solutions any problems settlers gathered in the centre of the village? Where now is situated a shop. In the evenings after work the people had a rest, celebrated Mari holidays there. They spend Sabantuy (Flower’s holiday), May’s holidays, local festivals not far from the village near an old mill on the bank of the Tussanda River. This place is called “alan” that means smooth, picturesque and blooming glade.
It is beautiful at any time of the year. I love my village very much and I hope that it will become more beautiful and better every year.

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