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Sterlitamak , legends of the city

Учитель иностранного языка Сафронова Роза Джановна
МАОУ «СОШ №30» - Муниципальное автономное общеобразовательное
учреждение «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №30»
городского округа город Стерлитамак республики Башкортостан.

On the plains of the Urals between forests and steppe zones there is a place surrounded by mighty limestone Youraktau, Kushtau, Shakhtau and Tratau mountains called the Shikhans, where five swift clear rivers the Ashakadar, Olkhovka, Sterlya, Seleuk and Agidel(Belaya) meet together to create this wonderful land rich in fish, wild animals, birds and minerals.
The oldest legends and mysteries can still be heard in the air. One legend tells about a proud young man named Ashak who fell in love with a black-eyed girl Agidel. She was the daughter of the Urals. The young man tried to win her heart thank expensive gifts. Agidel was tired of him and she ran away. Furious Ashak gave chase her. He drove his horse, caught the girl and struck the brave girl with a whip. Then the Urals turned the girl into a fast Agidel river to protect his daughter from the arrogant young man.
Ashak sent a falcon for her. But he could not stop the girl-river. Unhappy Ashak realized that he could not live without his beloved. He tore his heart from his chest and threw it on a shore. Agidel slowed over, touched his heart and became a small river forever. There are 4 Shikhans there: Yourak-Tau or ‘heart-mountain’, Kush-Tau – ‘bird-mountain’, Shakh-Tau – ‘Ashak brave’ and Tra-Tau -‘fallen horse’. Sterlitamak was founded in 1766 as a salt wharf. Now our city is the second large city of the republic. Sterlitamak is considered to be a golden city of Russia. It is situated near the oil field,and no wonder that it became a large industrial centre.
Our city is known for its sportsmen far from our republic. We are proud of Irek Zaripov who became a four-champion Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver in 2010.

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