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Verkhneye Dubrovo – our Homeland

Чермянинова Дарья, 6 «А» класс
Писцова Екатерина, 6 «А» класс
Наумова Дарья, 6 «А» класс
Лыжина Анна, 6 «А» класс
МКОУ «Верхнедубровская СОШ», р.п. Верхнее Дуброво
Свердловская область
Учитель: Гареева Ольга Александровна

Every person in our world longs for his or her homeland. Our homeland is Verkhneye Dubrovo. The first mention of the settlement was found among the materials of the Ural Mountain Board. June 29th, 1925 is considered to be the birthday of Verkhneye Dubrovo. The first houses were built, the first streets appeared. Kosulinski Abrasive Plant became the town – forming enterprise.
The emblem of the town means the natural purity; the beaver is the emblem of the desire and ability to work. There are many clubs and a lot of thematic exhibitions in our town. Children are introduced to Russian Culture through a folk doll in the folk art club. There are many remarkable places in our hometown. “Propitka” is the place where every year our school holds such events like “Tourist meeting” and “Ski track of Russia”. This place is located in the forest zone.
The opening of the temple of Prelate Iona in 2005 became a significant event in the life of the town. Spring “Silver” is situated on the outskirts of our town. They called it “Silver” for the glitter and clinking of its water. The Observatory is an observation point. It is located near Siberian tract, on the outskirts of the town. Here they receive information about the air temperature and humidity, speed and direction of wind, atmospheric pressure.
One of the neighborhoods of the town is Radio station. During the Great Patriotic War a link with Moscow, Blockade Leningrad and many regional centers of the country was provided. In the 60-ies Radio station was involved in the maintenance of space ships’ flights and carried out the radio communication of the flight crews of Nikolayev, Popovich, Komarov, Leonov.
Our town has come a long way for 87 years. We are proud to live in Verkhneye Dubrovo!

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