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Sterlitamak: Joint Stock Company “Soda”

Стяжкин Александр, 9а класс
МАОУ «Гимназия №6»

Меня зовут Саша, мне 15 лет, живу в городе Стерлитамак, люблю путешествовать по родному краю.

JSC “Soda” is the main plant in Sterlitamak. Therefore I want to tell you about its history. The industrialization policy of the USSR developed a large scale construction in the country, which required more and more cement and ash soda. So in 1936 a group of geological prospectors arrived at Shikhans (mountains near Sterlitamak) in search of raw materials for projecting the first cement plant in Bashkiria and discovered large limestone deposits.
In 1939 a site for the Sterlitamak soda plant was chosen, but the Great Patriotic War frustrated original plans. The construction of the plant was held under the hardest conditions of the war time. In March 1945 the first tons of caustic soda were produced. That was a beginning of the working history of the enterprise. On 10 November 1951 the Sterlitamak soda plant began the output of soda ash on a regular basis and in 1956 it became the first largest soda ash producer in the Soviet Union.
Practically at the same time, in 1946, construction of the cement plant was begun and in April 1952 the first cement was produced there. In 1956 a new roof slate pant started its work. On 1 July 1957 three plants merged and formed a new industrial organization Soda and cement industrial complex. In 1971 with the starting of the third queue it became the world's leading producer of high quality soda ash. In April 1975 the plant was renamed into production enterprise “Soda”.
Today JSC "Soda" is one of the largest enterprises of the chemical industry in Russia manufacturing more than one hundred chemical products, construction materials and household chemical goods: soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, silica white, barium salts, synthetic detergents, dry construction mixes.

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