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Mustai Karim — a world famous Bashkir writer and poet

Фахретдинова Алсу Ильгамовна
МАОУ лицей №46 городского округа город Уфа

My name is Fakhretdinova Alsu, I’m a student of the sixth form of lyceum №46 in Ufa. I like to study languages very much. My native language is Bashkir, but I also enjoy studying English. I’d like to tell you about Mustai Karim — a world famous Bashkir writer and poet. Mustai Karim is one of the most famous celebrities in Bashkortostan, an outstanding modern Bashkir poet, playwright, publicist, and public figure. Mustai Karim was born in 1919 in the village of Klyash, Chishma district. Mustai Karim has made a valuable contribution to the development of Bashkir culture and literature. His books are translated into many languages in the Russian Federation and abroad. Mustai Karim’s works have become an integral part of world culture.
For his outstanding services to the country Mustai Karim has got many honorary titles and government awards, orders, and medals. During the war he published a great many poems in which he glorified common people – soldiers, their hardships and heroic deeds, their firm belief in victory. His poems are highly lyrical, they are full of love for nature, for life, for common people, for his compatriots and his Homeland.
Mustai Karim is also known as a playwright. His plays have become the priceless treasures of the Bashkir drama. They are staged in different languages both in this country and abroad. Among the most popular plays are the dramas “The Country of Aigul” (“Страна Айгуль”), “Unmounted Makhmut” (“Пеший Махмут”) and many others. We are lucky to see many performances of the Bashkir State Drama Theatre, though we see them mostly on TV. We are very fond of Mustai Karim’s plays.

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