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село Верхние Татышлы

Вагапова Индира, ученица 7б класса
Назибуллина Венария Усмановна,
учитель английского языка

Работа в форме личного письма, информация о национальном празднике плуга - Сабантуй (Sabantui)

Dear boys and girls,
Hi! I’m a 13 year old girl from Bashkortostan. My name is Vagapova Indira. My native village is Tatyshly. It was founded in 1935, it’s rather young, but there are a lot of good traditions and holidays. I’d like to tell about our famous festival “Sabantui” Every year, early in the summer there comes the time of Sabantui. The name “Sabantui” comes from “saban”, which means a plough in the Bashkir and Tatar languages, and “tui”, which means a festival. So, Sabantui is the festival of the plough. It is a feast of dreams and hopes, of strength and dexterity, of songs and dances.
Early in the morning on the day of Sabantui, the maidan fills with people. The maidan is decorated with huge banners with wishes for a good harvest and brightly coloured tents with various contest areas. The festival usually starts with Sabantui horse racing. Meanwhile other contests begin. Some try their luck at pole climbing, while others try to hit an earthenware pot. Another very popular contest is the sack race. There is a popular race for women. It is racing with a yoke and two buckets filled with water. Wrestling attracts the biggest crowd of spectators, because they love to watch the competitors showing off their strength and skills.
The winner in each competition is awarded a prize, the top one being a ram, taken home on the winner’s shoulders. The festival continues until late at night with cheerful songs, energetic dancing and the air is filled with the tender sounds of the kurai That’s a little about our national festival. I invite you to take part in our Sabantui festival, I’m sure you’ll like it very much.
Best wishes,

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