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Ulan-Ude, The Mouse and the Camel. (Buryat fairy tale)

Ayushiyeva Mydygma Bazarovna
МАОУ «СОШ № 35», Улан-Удэ

More than two thousand years ago Buddha invited all the animals on earth to celebrate the New Year. O only 13 animals came to Buddha. They were the Mouse, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog, the Pig and the Camel. Buddha decided to give the names of animals to each of the 12 years in lunar cycle. The last two animals were a Camel and a Mouse. The Buddha didn’t want to pain them and said that the one which would see the Sunrise earlier would be the first one in the lunar calendar. A very big Camel was sure he would be the first to see the sunrise and said to the little Mouse: The Camel thought: «I am a hundred times larger than the Mouse, so I'm sure to see the sunrise a hundred times earlier. The Earth is round, so I'll see the sun earlier by all means».
Poor Camel! The Camel turned his eyes to the East because he knew that the sun always rises in the East and started looking eastward. The small Mouse climbed on to his hump and started looking westward. - Here is the sun! I was the first to see it! - cried the Mouse, jumping down. The Camel turned round and saw the rays of the sun at the top of the high mountain in the west! It seemed to be laughing at him. The Camel got terribly angry with the Mouse. He wanted to trample the Mouse down and went running after her. But the clever Mouse managed to hide herself in the ashes of the fire.
Since that time, when a Camel sees any ashes, he rolls around in them. Having done so, he gets up, dirty all over, but well satisfied, believing he has killed at last the hateful Mouse.
The Mouse just happened to be cleverer than the Camel and was chosen to be the 12th animal in the lunar calendar and became the first animal to start it.

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