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Kalmyks holidays

Санжираева Баирта Николаевна -
преподаватель английского языка
Шевченко Ангелина - студентка 3-го курса
Калмыцкого Государственного Финансово-Экономического Колледжа

Russia is a great and multinational country. There are twenty-one republics in Russian Federation. One of them is republic of Kalmykia. Kalmyks are the unique people in Europe who practice the Buddhism. As well as any people, Kalmyks have some national holidays. In my work I’d like you to be acquainted with them. We have three main holidays in Kalmykia: Zul, Tsagan Sar and Ur Sar. I want to focus on two of them.
The Kalmyk holiday Tsagan Sar means «white month». By the tradition the holiday Tsagan Sar marks the first day of the month of dragon according the lunar calendar. Buddhists of Kalmykia have a tradition to gather early in the morning in our temple. Also, they make a special doll which will take away all adverse. People take slices of the dough and set fire. Then these slices are burned in a ritual fire. The traditional for Tsagan Sar especially prepared meat and dairy dishes which should be on each table and exchange gifts Zul is a holiday which is devoted to withdrawal from this world of the founder of Tibetan of Buddhist school of Chzhe Tsonkapy. Zul is accepted to celebrate in a family circle as the main ritual - life extension. On the eve of a holiday people, bake bortsoks, they are made of flour. Two oblong icon lamps in the form of boats are made of abrupt dough, in which are put the prepared matches according of a number of years of each member of the family. All this is impregnated with drawn butter. When the first stars are lit in the sky, matches set fire. Then the whole family takes seats and has a supper.
I have been living in Kalmykia for seventeen years and I think they are wonderful years. I want people to know more about Kalmyks because I believe they have also contributed to the history and development of our country.

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