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Elista - the capital of the Republic of Kalmykia

Болдырева Юлия Мингияновна,
ученица 10 «б» класса
Элистинской классической гимназии

Elista-the capital of the Republic of Kalmykia, located in south-eastern part of Ergeni in the heart of the vast steppes of Kalmykia. The city got its name from the northern slope of the beam, consisting of loose sand. ”Elst” translated from the Kalmyk means -“sandy”.
Elista as the city is very young: it is the beginning built until the late 20s, but as a community, it has been half centuries ago. The time of Elista falls in the middle of XIX century. When the role of the steppe of Kalmykia in linking the lower Volga to the Kuban and the Crimea, the Center of country – trough Tsaritsyn – with the North Caucasus. It was during these years, the tsarist government is colonialist war in Dagestan and Chechnya. In the 40s of XIX century in Kalmyk steppe sent several expeditions to the selection of locations for the establishment of villages along the paths to Astrakhan, Tsaritsyn ,Stavropol.
His education is also required to Elista and the beginning of afforestation in Ergeni. In 1845, at the suggestion of the Department of Forestry issued the royal decree on the Kalmyk steppe afforestation. The most successful was the experience planted in the gully Elista. Over time, there was organized a small working village, which gave, according to some, the beginning of the future city. In 1880, in Elista, lived 331, and 8 years later already 1,178 people.
Markedly increased and international relations of the Kalmyk capital. In 1998, for 33 of the world Chess Olympiad, which brought together representatives of more than 120 countries, in Elista, the city was built Chess city. Today, the City – Chess – location Republican, Russian and international competitions in chess, business workshops, business and cultural events.

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