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Ошутинский Сергей Игоревич
МКОУ ООШ п. Пудожгорский
Ученик 7 класса.
Учитель английского языка Белкина Наталья Алексеевна

My name is Sergey. I study in the seventh grade. My grandmother lives in the town of Medvezhyegorsk. This town is situated in the north-west part of our country Russia in the Karelia republic. Medvezhyegorsk is located on the bank of the Onega lake. It is surrounded by scenic mountains and sandy hills covered with pine trees. Every year my sisters and me visit our grandmother. And she always prepares little tours for us. We visited waterfalls and other famous places where movies like “Love and Pigeons”, “Fourth Altitude”, “Dam 2”, “Hunt for Piranha” were filmed. And, how beautiful Karelian nature is!
It is still not certain why the railroad station was named Medvezhya Gora (Mountain of the Bear). There are different legends about the origin of this name. It is told that once upon a time forester Zakharyev, who was a zealous hunter and who liked to spend weeks in the forest, brought home a bear cub. This happened just after Zakharyev and his wife adopted a son. Little bear became a Zakharyev wife’s pet. When it grew up, the family made a cage for him. However, misfortune happened. The bear injured the adopted son’s hand. The blood family of the boy filed a suit in the court. The bear was shot. It was buried with honors, which not every regular worker was buried with. They buried the bear at the base of the mountain, which was later called Medvezhya. It is also told that Zakharyev’s wife asked the chief engineer, who led the construction of the railroad, to name the station Madvezhya Gora after her favorite pet.
Later, station Medvezhya Gora became the town Medvezhyegorsk.

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