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Welcome to Petrozavodsk

Паньков Данил Олегович
Преподаватель: Калякина Анна Викторовна
Студент 1 курса техникума,
специальность «техническая эксплуатация
дорожно-строительных машин и механизмов», 16 лет.

I live in Karelia. The cultural capital of the republic is Petrozavodsk. It was named after Peter the Great and now it is over 300 years! There are 5 theatres here: the Music Theatre, Russian Drama Theater, «Creative Workshops», Puppet Theatre and the National Theatre. Three of them are situated in Kirov Square. The National Theater is a very beautiful modern building with large glass wall. In Kirov Square you can visit the Arts museum of the Republic and the folk ensemble «Kantele».
Petrozavodsk has a number of sister cities and architectural installations presented by them located at the town Embankment. There are sights from Duluth (the USA), Varkaus (Finland), Umea (Sweden), Mo I Rana (Norway), Neubrandenburg and Tubingen (Germany), La Rochelle (France), Echmiadzin (Armenia). Petrozavodsk cooperates with all these cities in business, culture and education. This place is very impressive and very popular with citizens. It is wonderful in every season and many town holidays are hold there. Besides you can see monuments to Peter the I and Gavril Derzhavin at this place. From the embankment you can go by water to the well-known museum Kizhi. As for me I really enjoy walking at the embankment with my friends. And I advise everybody who comes to our town to go there. You won’t be disappointed!

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