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г. Пудож
Курепина Виктория 11а класс
МКОУ «СОШ №1 г. Пудожа » РК
Учитель - Минина Александра Александровна

I am from Karelia. My home town is Pudozh. “Рudas” in translation from Vepsian is a branch, a bay. It is situated in the south-east of Karelia. It stands near the river Vodla. The population of Pudozh is 11 thousand people. Pudozh is not far from the capital of Karelia, Petrozavodsk. The best way to travel to Pudozh from Petrozavodsk is by hydrofoil, plane or helicopter. A trip to Pudozh by road is long and takes time. Pudozh region borders on Vologoskaya area, Arkhangelskaya area and Medvezhegorsky region.
Pudozh is one of the oldest towns in Russia. It was founded in 1382. In 1785 Pudozhsky Pogost became a town by the decree of Catherine the Great and got a coat of arms in 1788. One can see flax on it because many years ago our region was rich in flax. In 1999 Pudozh was given the status of a historical town. Pudozh is rich in granite and wood. Timber industry is the leading one. Pudozh land is rich in the monuments of history and culture. Our town is well-known for Muromsky monastery. It was founded in the 14th century. Numerous petroglyphs - carvings on the rocks were found on the eastern shore of Onega. These petroglyphs tell their own story how people lived thousands years ago. Pudozh is also famous for Vodlozero National park and Ilyinsky pogost. . Ilyinskii Pogost was built on Kolgostrov island (Lake Vodlozero) in the 18th centry.
Pudozh is famous for its traditions. The bright event in cultural life is the Festival of Russian culture (the Festival of song and dance) ’’The dawn and sunset of Pudozh”. It is held once in two years. The local museum named after A.F.Korablev exhibits ancient documents, icons, paintings of local artists. Pudozh land is the motherland of famous North Russian narrators of folk tales.
I like Pudozh with all my heart. Here I was born, here I am living now.

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