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Onego petroglyphs

Карданова Ирина 11а класс
МКОУ «СОШ №1 г. Пудожа» РК
Учитель - Минина Александра Александровна

Pudozh petroglyphs (carvings on the rocks) are well known all over the country. There are more than 200 archeological monuments in Pudozh land. They are stands of people, carvings on the rocks and graves. A lot of them are located near Vodlozero and Onego lakes. This rock art was discovered in 1848 by a geologist from Saint-Petersburg K.Grevingk and P. Shved, a teacher of Petrozavodsk secondary school. Since then it attracts the attention of many researchers: A.Brjusov, A. Linevsky, V. Ravdonikas, Yu. Savvateev, etc. Petroglyphs of Onega lake stretch for 20 km. The petroglyphs were carved by the stone tools at a depth of 1-2 mm, they vary in size from 10 to 50 cm, reaching 3 m. The site includes 1200 images. Among the main motifs are birds, animals, humans, boats, enigmatic signs and so on.
Without doubt, the ancient cliff drawings were known to the people of the surrounding villages, fishermen and hunters. They attributed rock art to the activity of the “evil spirit”. The Monks at the Muromsky Monastery knew about them, too. They carved the Christian crosses on the figures of the demon and a swan, but did not touch the drawings themselves.
The most interesting drawings are at Demon’s Cape. Here the bes or devil himself stands, a human likeness over 2 meters tall, the fingers of both hands spread out, the legs disproportionately short. He is the centre of a complex composition, surrounded by a large sheat-fish and otter and many smaller animals and birds.
A cliff fragments with Onega petroglyphs dating back to the 3rd -2nd millennia B.C. are on exhibits in Natural History museum (Petrozavodsk) and in the Hermitage museum (St. Petersburg).
Thus, Onega petroglyphs are unique source of knowledge about the history of Karelia.

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