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Petroglyphs (петроглифы, Пудожский район)

Ошутинская Ольга Игоревна
Российский государственный
гидрометеорологический университет, г. Санкт-Петербург
Я живу в Карелии, в п. Пудожгорский Пудожского района.
В настоящее время – студентка 1 курса.

A unique archaeological monument are Petroglyphs at east coast of Onega, on capes of Demons the Nose and Kochkovnavolok, islands in Onega Big Golets, Small Golets, the islands Gurih entering into limits of territory of Pudozhsky area. Petroglyphs in a translation from Greek are the carving on a rock means. Much about employment and beliefs of our ancestors can be learnt from the story A. M. Linevsky «Sheets of the stone book» and rock drawings – of petroglyphs Onega and the White sea.
In one of plots winter hunting for elks is shown. It is the whole story! To Troy the skiers armed with onions, track down small herd, long drive it, one of hunters has managed to hit a young elk. Two of his companions have appeared in time in time and rich extraction became them the award for ability, skill and endurance. The tribe after such hunting long will not starve! And to affect the same good luck in the future (it is called as the hunting magic) and the narration about three skiers has been beaten out on a stone. One of accumulations old rock paintings is on east coast of Onega (cape of Besov Nose). The total length of this original art gallery makes more than 20 kilometres. Numbers of engravings are now about 1200. As their original "card" "triad" on an extremity of cape of Demons a Nose, including three symmetrically located figure - a demon, an otter and fish (catfish) serves.
Northern cape of peninsula Kochkovnavolok (the cape Swan) differs an abundance of the big images, to 3 m. the Central figure of a rock is the image of a huge swan (from a tail to a head 4).
Up to our time peoples considered a swan as a sacred bird, and to hunt on it was strictly forbidden. Presently a swan – the protected animal brought in the Red book of Kareliya.

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