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Калинин Никита Сергеевич, 7 кл.
МБОУ Гимназия №3
Учитель Кутина Наталья Владимировна

My name is Nikita Kalinin. I am from the Republic of Komi. I live in Inta. Inta is my native town. As for Inta, it is situated in northern eastern part of the Republic of Komi not far from the Polar Circle on the Inta River which is not very large. There are a lot of lakes and rivers in Inta region, most of them are rich in fish. The Urals is not far from Inta you can see them on sunny days. The place is really attractive for holiday makers, hikers and campers.
The first settlers were prisoners. Most of them were exiled for their political views and opinions. They had to build first mines and wooden houses for themselves. All miners of the small settlement did their best to serve the country and its peoples during the Great Patriotic War. Leningrad was provided with our coal in 1941. It was a hard time for the country.
At first Inta was a small settlement. But then it was growing bigger. In 1954 was given the status of a town. Inta is an industrial town divided into the Western, Eastern, Southern districts and the centre, where the seat of local administration is. The heart of the town is Lenin Square. It has become one of the favourite meeting and walking places. The important events are taken place there. The symbol of the town is the Water Tower. It was built by the former prisoner–the architect Arthur Tamvelius in 1955. There are some monuments to famous people in Inta.
There are some streets in Inta. Gorki Street is the main street in Inta. I love my native town very much, because it’s my birthplace and I was born here. I think there are all possibilities in my town to be developed into a modern industrial and cultural centre.

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