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The Urals. Legend about Manpupuner rock formations.

Навоша Илья 6Б класс
Москва, ГБОУ СОШ № 2036
Учитель Письменная Елена Ивановна

There are many wonderful places in our country connected with history. I have recently heard about an amazing place in Russia. This unique nature monument is located in the north of the Urals. It is sometimes called Ural Stonehenge. This natural monument has become a winner of the Russian national contest “Seven wonders of Russia”. Seven mountains are around 30 or 42 meters high. How could this wonder appear? There is a wonderful legend about it. Once upon a time there lived stone people. They were very strong and successful in everything but they were heartless. The stone people were ruled by seven giants who lived in a crystal castle. Once a stranger called Manpupuner came to that place. He fell in love with the giants’ sister, Aelita by name. She also loved him dearly. Late at night they left the castle and ran away from the country of stone people. The brothers wanted to catch them. Manpupuner was killed on the top of the mountain. Aelita damned her brothers and the stone people. She asked Gods to punish them. Since that time on the tops of the Urals you can see rocks - “bodies of stone people”. Now the mount is called Manpupuner Rock and crystal of the giant’s castle is spread all over the Urals. Aelita travels around the world and makes people happy and kind.

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