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A natural monument of Mari El – Karman – Kuryk

Климентьева Валентина Гордеевна,
обучающаяся МОУ «Коркатовский лицей»
МО «Моркинский муниципальный район»
Республики Марий Эл
Арганякова Татьяна Петровна,
учитель английского языка лицея

We live in the central part of our country Russia, in the republic of Mari El. There are 14 districts in the republic. One of the largest in its territory is Morkinski - it’s our home and we love it very much.
On the territory of Morki district there are some famous natural places that attract people of different generations. One of them is a hill with an unusual name – Karman - Kuryk. The meaning of these words is connected with two languages: Udmurt and Mari, in other words it means “a mountain fortress”. There are two parts of them: a small and a big hill. We’ll speak about a big one. The native people – the Mari – call it Karman Mountain though its height is only more than 220 meters above the sea level and it is covered by forests, rare plants. It is situated not far from the main road Yoshkar Ola – Morki near the village Abdayevo. Since 1976 the territory of this hill has been a state natural monument of the Mari republic and is guarded by the state.
There are some legends about this hill. One of them is about a girl and a boy who fell in love with each other but an evil spirit was against this loving couple and turned them to stones. Since that time there have been two hills: a smaller one as a girl and a bigger one as a boy. These two hills are close to each other but they are not together. In front of the hill there is a spring with clean and fresh water. The legend says that on the one hand, this spring is a symbol of their pure love and on the other hand, it gives a sign that life is going on.
It’s an interesting place for geologists and archeologists because it has different kinds of primary rocks saved from prehistoric times. It’s an amazing natural park with a lot of various trees, bushes, flowers, mushrooms, berries, animals, birds, insects that make this place unique. Some kinds of flowers and plants of Karnan - Kuryk are so rare in nature that they were recorded into The Red Book and must be safeguarded by people. One of such examples is a flower with the name –a Venus’ shoe (it’s a direct translation from Russian) and a biological term of this species is a Lady’s slipper. It’s a beautiful yellow and vinous flower that looks like a modern house slipper.
Nowadays Karman - Kuryk is a very popular sight of interest for naturalists, tourists and people of different ages not only in Morki district but also in the republic of Mari El. Tourists may have a rest here enjoying nature, breathing fresh air and listening to singing birds. Moreover, they are able to study the environment, to explore plants and flowers going along the ecological path. The main aim of this path, which was opened for tourists in 1991 by initiative of Korkatovo School, is to teach people to protect nature and to safe its species from extinction. The students of our lyceum take care of the environment of the hill, clean the forest from the litter; they don’t disturb wild animals and birds. Under the direction of lyceum and university teachers they study flora and fauna of Karman - Kuryk, make walking tours of the ecological path and call the tourists for help to protect this ecologically pure picturesque area for future generations.
Karman - Kuryk is the best sight of Morki district! You are welcome to visit this place and we hope you’ll enjoy its original nature!

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