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Пасынков Илья
МОУ ДОД «Мари – Турекский Дом
детского творчества», 8 класс

Not far from my native village Alekseyevsk, there is one village, called Zverevo, the place where many years ago my relatives lived. This village is situated in a very picturesque place, surrounded with big woods. As the legend says the first settlers came here from Vyatka region. May be they and the wild animals made some contract: people of that village would not touch them and the animals would not stir with them. And that’s why this village was called Zverevo.
To tell the truth, there wasn’t any hunter in that village. The Foxes and the hares appeared in the gardens very often, even the bears were seen near the village, but they didn’t do any harm to people. Everything was very good, until one day a young man, called Petka, bought a gun. He killed any animal, which he saw on a forest track. The peak of his hunting was murder of a she bear and her bear cub. The peeled hulk looked like a women. It was horrible. And since that time the inhabitants began to leave their native place.
From village, which consisted from three streets, now there are only two houses. Now there is only wild beauty in that village : the nettle and two pound where wild ducks swim. Having broken moral lows of their fathers, people signed their verdict.
As for me, one thing hurts my soul: where is there the kind human treatment to our nature and wild animals?

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