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The forest tract of Tashangir

Костылев Евгений, учащийся 9 класса,
МОУ Полетаевская СОШ
Учитель английского языка, Уланова Юлия Всеволодовна.

My native workmen’s settlement Poletaevo is situated in the vicinity of city Chelyabinsk, in the South Urals. It is known not only by its history, worthy people but also by its lovely nature. One of my favourite places is - Forest track Tashangir.
Beauty of this place can’t but attract! On a cold, winter day, when I am looking for a little bit of sunshine, I recollect my wonderful walks to the Bald Hill, the main sight of the track. Here I come into the forest: hills with rocky precipices, creek of Birgilda sheltered along the banks by wide leaves of water-lilies and thicket of high cane suddenly reveal to my eyes. I yield to temptation of plunging into limpid waters of the forest river. Water is clean but very cold, it burns and I dream being somewhere in the bright sun. So I climb the highest hill; stand still involuntarily staring at virgin beauty of the little nook. Slim trees as if embracing nestle up to each other and rustle their quiet songs. Forest always presents us with its gifts – mushrooms, berries and herbs.
This simple piece of nature became object of love and care not only for me but other people. Nowadays it is used by role games organizers who reconstruct great battles of our country. School camp of local lore “Tashangir” comes there for its annual ecological expedition. Young ecologists study fauna and flora, monitor the environment. Besides traditional tourist rally, one of the brightest events of our school life is held there every autumn. You are welcome to our hospitable land!

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