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Cheboksary, a cultural city

Мареева Ирина Анатольевна,
учитель английского языка
МАОУ «СОШ № 40 с УИОП»
г. Чебоксары Чувашской Республики

I would like to tell you about our cultural city Cheboksary. It is a city of thousand songs, thousand dances and thousand embroldery. Like many Russian cities, our capital city has many cultural opportunities. There is an Opera-ballet theater, the Russian Drama Theatre, the Theatre of Young Spectator, which show performances in both Russian and Chuvash languages. The Chuvash State Puppet Theater was founded on April 15, 1945 by theater director S. M. Merzlyakov. The group combines traditional European and national styles.
One of Cheboksary's most touted tourist attractions is the Beer museum. The building itself is unique, constructed of wood in the style of an old-time beer hall, and with no paneli. The interior is dark, the floor rickety, and lined up on shelves are old brewing artifacts. Overall it feels like a midwestern meth lab.
A Museum of Chuvash History gives a fascinating look into the evolution of inhabitants of our region from caveman to Soviet super-workers. Given there are over 50 life size exihibits, the admission of 5 rubles is a bargain. One scene of note is a "family of the 18th century", depicting how upwards of six children, their parents and grandparents crammed together in a log cabin. Mom and dad slept on top of a giant stone hearth, with the ceiling only two feet over them. It amounts to narrow pocket, with almost no room to even stretch your arms or legs upwards. However, a very popular gathering place for the locals is the Bay- beautifully situated in the middle of the city. Quite a lot of people gather to stroll, visit cafes, and socialize. Cheboksary also has beautiful boardwalks and beaches along the Volga River, where people swim in the summer.
Cheboksary is a unique city with both interesting history and contemporaneity, where there are quite original and unique museums and memorials, where culture – Chuvash and Russian – are combined tightly for centuries and embellish each other.
Believe! Ceboksary is worth of seeing and knowing!

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