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Кольцова Екатерина Николаевна ученица 8 «А» класса
МБОУ «Янтиковская СОШ» Янтиковского района
Чувашской Республики Янтиковский район с. Янтиково

My name is Katya Koltsova. I live in a small village called Yantikovo. Yantikovo is situated in the Chuvash Republic. I am interested in stories connected with my village, native land. I’d like to write about lake Al, an amazing natural monument. There are many legend’s about the lake. Once there was a drought in the village where Tatar soldiers were. They killed children, ruined houses, broke into homes, taking away precious things.
Some people had to run to the forest. And there was Savash who gathered people in the forest and they went to the lake to ask for help by making sacrifice. They killed a horse and began to pray. Elkul, the god of the lake, sent rain and terrible a storm with strong lighting and thunderstorm. The Chuvash people rescued from the enemies Suvash told people to protect the lake and take care of the forest. It rained heavily. It had been raining for three days Al that time the Tatar invaders loaded with things were going through the black forest and they got stuck in the swamps hear lake Al from that time on. Every Spring they began to make a sacrifice to lake Al asking for a good life for people. Since that lake Al has become a sacred place for the Chuvash’s. People living in different cities and villages went to the lake every spring and they sacrificed a horse asking Elkul for rain to get a good harvest in summer.
Next story about the lake. There were seven lakes that were brothers. They used to visit each other and once when they went to pay a visit a storm began. It made all clouds raise into one big cloud. All the seven lake formed one large lake. It was lake Al. On summer vacation many families go to the lake. We should be environmentally friendly because some people drop litter into the lake. People should clear litter away.

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