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Чувашская Республика, Урмарский район, село Челкасы

Фёдорова Кристина Нестеровна
БОУ Чувашской Республики СПО «ЧМТТ»
Минобразования Чувашии
Студентка 4 курса специальности 032401 Реклама

There is no place like home. I’d like to tell you about my native village, the place where I was born, where my parents live and where I try to go to on weekends and holidays. For me it is the dearest place in the world.
They say there were a lot of huge stones in that area before and even nowadays we often find stones in our gardens. And the name of the village was derived from this word, because the Chuvash word for “stone” is “chool”. So there were two villages there before: Chelkasy (Choolkas in Chuvash) and Novo- Ishino (Senter). The latter was on the hill and no wonder that on the highest point of it in 1763 a wooden church dedicated to Holy Trinity was built. Then in 1801 Kazan Archbishop Serapion gave his blessing to the construction of the stone church, which had been finished by 1814. The builders used stones which were everywhere around.
After the revolution in 1917 the hard time for the Russian Church began. In Chuvashia all the churches except six had been closed by 1941, and our church was also closed. But the people of the village collected 50,000 roubles for the Defense and for children. They received Gratitude Telegram from the Government and the church was opened again in 1948. Since then it has never been closed and you can feel its ancient beauty both outside and inside. It is considered to be a precious masterpiece of architecture, history and culture.
My native village is situated in a very picturesque place. It is surrounded by fields and meadows and the landscapes are so beautiful as if they came from the pictures painted by Levitan or Shishkin. Welcome to Chelkasy!

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