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Noviy Urengoi

Ученица 10а класса Медведь Кристина.
Учитель иностранного языка, Денискина Ирина Юрьевна.
МБОУ СОШ №12 г. Новый Уренгой, ЯНАО

We live is a small northern town called Nadym. The name “Nadym” comes from the Nenets language “Nyadey ya” meaning the area which is rich of reindeer moss. Nadym is the most beautiful town in Yamalo-Nentsky autonomous district. It is situated in the northern part of Tuymen region, near the Arctic Circle. The nature around the town differs; there is the wild tundra from one side, but from the other side one can find attractive landscapes with numerous pines, firs, cedars, and rare larches. In summer and autumn we together with our parents gather different berries such as bilberry, blueberry, cranberry and mushrooms. Wintertime lasts nearly 6 months a year. We have a lot of snow, bitter cold and the polar night. The polar night is the period when you can hardly see the sun. The local climate is variable and unstable:-35 degrees in the day time can be easily changed into -5 degrees at night in winter. The climate is very severe in Nadym but people, who live there, are very hospitable, kind-hearted and helpful. The population of Nadym is nearly 45 thousand people. There you can meet people of different nationalities: the Bashkir, the Tatar, the Ukrainian, the Chuvash and others. The native population are: the Nentsy, the Khanty, the Mansi and the Selkup. They are hardy people. Like in ancient times the indigenous population occupy themselves with the traditional lifestyle: hunting, fishing and breeding reindeer. They have their own clothes made of reindeer’s skin. The native people build their mobile houses called “chum”, which looks like a wigwam. They speak their own language. The native population is friendly to other people and friendly to nature. We are happy and proud of living in Nadym. We believe that Nadym is the town of happiness.

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