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Surgut «Museum of Nature»

Фламинг Юлия
Сургут 11 класс

Hello ! It s me ! My name is Julia Flaming. I am from Siberia. My native town is Surgut . The territory of the town is the land of Khanty and Mansy , they are considered to be the local population . It s a great pleasure for me to say some words about the population, their main occupation is hunting . They are also good at fishing and craft works. They live in special houses,called chums (I am standing near chum on the photo,please look at it).We have lots of museums connected with local craft works. But my classmates and I prefer being out of town in the museum called «Museum of Nature». The founder of it ,Mr. Yadroshnikov is a Siberian hunter and fisherman who began collecting samples of bears, foxes,hares ets.besides there are lots of samples of local craft works in the museum. Lots of tourists come to Russkinskay village every year and admire the beauty of museum.I have made a photo -collage for you to visit this splendid museum virtually. You may pay attention to handmake works such as works from fur, wood,biser,etc. Isn t it lovely ? Hope you enjoyed time being in the museum virtually. Welcome to Siberia! Welcome to the museum in Russkinskay village!

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