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Our Surgut

Dorokhova Christina, Mamedova Aygun
МБОУ СОШ № 45,
проезд Взлетный, 6, г.Сургут,
ХМАО, Тюменская область

I, Mamedova Aygun, was born in Azerbaijan. I am 17. When I was a small child we moved to Surgut. Here we live today. I, Dorokhova Christina, was born in Surgut. I am Russian. We study in the 11th form, school № 45. We are friends. Surgut is our home city. The love to our city unites us. We love our school and our teachers. We are fond of learning English.Our English teacher Nataliya Egorovna Kravtsova always helps us.

We live in the most beautiful city, Surgut. It is a multiethnic city with unique traditions of ancient and modern times. It organically combines advanced industrial technologies and the astonishing variety of taiga nature, bright and brave experiments in the sphere of modern art and the ancient culture of native Khanty - Mansi, who live in the forest, in tundra and along the banks of the rivers. Now the native population lives in ordinary houses. But some of them live in traditional dwellings, an izba or a chum. The main occupations of the native population are hunting, fishing and reindeer farming. They make their clothes of skin, fur and cloth. Khantys believe in Mother Bear. According to the legend she brings happiness and luck. In every Khant's house there is a "happy bear corner", where they put the head of a bear decorated with bright fabrics and beads. Surgut is one of the oldest Siberian cities. Its name was taken from the Khanty language. It means “a place full of fish”. The North weather is severe, but there is much charm in it. The winter here lasts about seven months. The nature of our region is wonderful! There are a lot interesting places in the city. Saima park is famous for lots of paths. We can go for a walk here in summer and go skiing in winter. In the river port everyone can see the greatness of the River Ob.
The most important pride of our city is the monument to Surgut founders. The Business and Entertaining Centre “Vershina” (Peak) is the biggest one now. In September 2011 the specialists of company NAI Becar found the Centre “Vershina” to be the most non original building in the world. Treating with respect is a distinguishing feature of Surgut city people.
Surgut is best place to live.

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