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South Ural State University

Чернышкова Анна,
Пронина Людмила Олеговна
Южно-Уральский Государственный Университет

Студентка ЮУрГУ, факультет психологии. Интересуюсь изучением английского языка, в чем мне иногда помогают мои друзья

My name is Anna Chernyshkova. I live in one of the best cities in the world - Chelyabinsk. I am a student. I study Psychology at the South Ural State University and I want to tell you about this alma mater.
There are a lot of nice places, splendid buildings and beautiful squares in Chelyabinsk. But the South - Ural State University is amazing. It is the largest institution not only in Chelyabinsk region. It is Russia's largest university and one of the best research universities in the country. The South Ural State University is ideal for its students. It can offer very comfortable conditions for their living and studying because it has got “Student Town”. There are 8 hostels, a hairdresser's, cafés, a computer club, shops, a sport club, a library and a hospital for students in Student’s town.
Main University’s building is very beautiful. It is decorated with gilded spire. There is a monument to the student in front of the main building. Also Kurchatov Monument meets people in ancient pinewood near the building of the South Ural State University. The South Ural State University attracts not only students. Citizens and residents can spend exciting weekend in Gagarin Recreation Park, enjoy skateboarding or walking and feeding numerous squirrels.
If you want to graduate one of the best universities or have a rest in a picturesque place in Chelyabinsk – welcome to the South Ural State University!

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