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Челябинская область, Троицкий район, Ключёвка

Сафронова Ирина Викторовна –
учитель английского языка МКОУ «Ключёвская СОШ»
Яровая Лилия, Арутюнян Эдита – учащиеся 8 класса

We live in Kluchevka. It is a small village in Chelabinskaya region on the border with Kazakhstan. The border runs along the river Ui (in Russian it is Duma-reka).
Our village was founded by the general I.I.Nepluev in 1743, the same year with Troitsk, to guard the southern frontier of our country. Since then, the Cossacks started to patrol the borders. In our days the guards at the border post “Kluctevskaya” continue their traditions. The name of the village is connected with a great number of springs and small lakes here. The countryside is beautiful: the amazing wideness and scope of steppe, with the islands of woods called “kolky” like green spots on its landscape, extends to the horizon. The village is not large but it is old and has a great history. It is divided into two parts: Storozhily on the high hill where the first Cossacks were settled and Novosely – the modern part of it. First there was a wooden church in the village, and then the citizens decided to build a stone one, so the beautiful white church was built. They say that the bells were so great that they were heard in Kustanay in Kazakhstan which is more than three hundred kilometers away. It is a pity, now it is not a church but a village club, but we hope that some days it will be a church again. There are many legends connected with the history of the village. One says that once the Tsar Nicolay II the patron of Orenburg Cossacks army was travelling along the border and visited Kluchevka. Here he had a short rest in one of the houses. This family the Maximoves is still keeping the bench on which he was sitting.
Our people are friendly and hospitable, many nationalities now live here. Such great people like A.N.Polovnikov the hero of the World War I, I.E.Eremin the hero of the Soviet Union, a poet A.I. Pshenichny were born here. Our singers, dancers and sport teams are famous in the district. We keep our traditions, love and are proud of our village.

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