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BOTTOMLESS Terenga region, Ulyanovsk

Кочеткова Наталия Анатольевна
МОУ Байдулинская СОШ МО
«Тереньгульский район» Ульяновской области
Учитель английского языка,
пед стаж 21 год, высшее образование

Представляю вашему вниманию достопримечательности Тереньгульского раона: Скрипинские Кучуры и Бездонный колодец

After defeat of bands of Stenka Razin daring robbers have lodged in local woods. They plundered orthodox and other merchants on main road. They hid their good in the forest near the river. And then they have suddenly stopped to lodge. It is connected with the wonderful phenomenon in a spring of an icon of John Predtechi. On that place where the predatory nest was, gardens have planted and church have put. In a several years men want to depth of a source. They connected three reins and two pound weight and began to depth. But reins came to end. So this source was called bottomless. It is located in the river Baramitka. Once during service as if the earth was opened wide-church, full to the people, began to leave under water! The people have had time to jump out and escape, and the father and has sunk. On a place of a temple the key began to gush forth. The local timber enterprise suited a font here. They have constructed short flights of stairs and bedrails. The Molvino’s priest has shined a small

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