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Skripino’s Kuchuri, Terenga region, Ulyanovsk

Кочеткова Наталия Анатольевна МОУ Байдулинская СОШ МО
«Тереньгульский район» Ульяновской области
Учитель английского языка,
пед стаж 21 год, высшее образование

Skripino’s Kuchuri is a monument of nature. The stone forest is located 5 km from the village of Mikhailovka in Valley Ridge Kuchuri. Mountains stretched out on the two hundred miles and they are well visible from the road. These stones have appeared during the formation of the Earth's surface for nearly 30 million years ago. They have taken unusual forms under the influence of wind and water over the years. In the forest near the village of Mikhaylovka there are many blocks of stone, resembling the shape of animals: horses, cows and even frog. What is it? Freaks of nature or the product of man? Kuchura is an ideal place for relaxing. What there is the heady scent of pine!

A Head.

It is said that this stone heals headaches, high blood pressure and migraine. You should put your hands on a block. Perhaps someone would think that a head can to speak.

A Horse.

It is considered that if this stone is watered the rain will go. Till now someone brings there gifts, wood nuts, and sometimes even bread. One of the stones is very similar to hidden in the grass frog. Villagers were told that you make a wish here. You must rub "frog" back.

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